Dog Ownership, Simplified.

We aim to provide exceptional customer service to every pet and family we work with. Some of the services we offer as a part of our small and local dog supply shop include:

High Quality Product Selection

We offer a wide selection of quality, all-natural pet food and pet supplies to fulfill the needs of local pet parents & their pets in the Milwaukee area. We pride ourselves in providing options that have less fillers, less preservatives, are fresh and more fun!

Harness and Collar Fitting & Consultation

Not sure what type of harness, collar, or leash works best for you and your dog(s)? We offer a free online or in-person consultation with you and your pet(s) where we explain the several types of harnesses and their benefits, as well as custom fit them for your dog(s). 

New Puppy & Rescue Dog Appointments

New addition to the family? Not sure what to get? We provide free online or in-person consultations that walk you through helpful products for you and your new furry friend. In addition to product recommendations, we also provide free samples of products we offer in our online store!

Free Special Product Orders

Don't quite see what you're looking for? Let us know! We are always more than happy to assist our customers in ordering specialty products they want or need. Shoot us an email with your questions or product recommendations at

Local Delivery

Every purchase receives free local delivery, from our shop to your front door!

Adoption & Rescue Referrals

The Milwaukee Dog Club works closely with different adoption and rescue organizations here in the Greater Milwaukee Area. Need help getting connected? We're more than happy to refer you or invite you to our pet adoption events!

Doggy Day Care, Dog Walker, Dog Groomer and Dog Trainer Referrals

Part of being in the Milwaukee Dog Club is receiving collaborative community care and enrichment for your pets. Looking for quality, vetted and certified dog-related services? We work closely with a network of pet care professionals who are licensed, insured, bonded, and highly rated in the work they do.