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American Natural Premium

American Natural Premium GF Ocean Fish

American Natural Premium GF Ocean Fish

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  • An ideal diet for dogs with grain or chicken sensitivities. Includes no chicken protein, fat, egg or cartilage
  • Whitefish meal and salmon oil support the anti-inflammatory process and maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • An added blend of antioxidant-rich vegetables including carrots, lettuce and celery support immunity and fight free radicals
  • Moderate levels of protein and fat
  • Probiotics added after cooking for maximum nutrient absorption

American Natural Premium delivers a grain-free option with no chicken ingredients with Grain-Free Ocean Fish Meal & Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food. Pets that have developed a sensitivity to chicken protein or grains can try this super tasty alternative. Made with whitefish meal and salmon oil, this beneficial formula helps avoid upset stomachs but also contains anti-inflammatory properties and provides skin and coat nourishment with healthy omega fatty acids. A rich blend of antioxidants from wholesome carrots and spinach provides immune system support.

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